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The challenge of leadership

far seeing independent spirit
full support careful listening
clear understanding clearer leadership
proven experience robust decisions

How often do you feel too close to the issues and want to talk things over informally and confidentially?

However good they are, it is difficult for the people around you to be objective and dispassionate and to have the breadth and depth of outside experience that could help put matters in perspective.

However formal or informal, the board is where motivation, commitment and leadership starts and sometimes to make this happen, it takes an outside approach, independent and free from in-house pressures and relationships.

Whether working as a trusted but non voting part of shareholder, director or family member meetings or in a one-to-one relationship, James Marketing Services have a lifetime of experience working in and for private and family owned SMEs, PLCs and partnership organisations, to ensure decision making is robust. The service provides a confidential sounding board, support and advice for the senior board members.

Executive Coaching & leadership support

The boss is often in a lonely position. Executive coaching is where anything can be discussed, the unthinkable thought and new ideas developed where everything raised is confidential and any advice given is unbiased. Learn more…

Board facilitation & chairing

Miscommunication often starts in the Boardroom. Opinions left unsaid can lead to mistrust. Chairing can require a skill and an unbiased approach to get others to give their views in an open and clear way and get commitment and buy-in. Learn more…

Project management

Independent project management can add value - whether in change management, research or fresh thinking. It can boost resources and skills and help overcome short term scarcity of experienced in-house staff. Learn more…

Practical experience

Partnerships, Private companies & Charities, FT-100 plc companies. Working with national and international organisations in support services, transport, retail & engineering, The arts, communities,education & housing. Learn more…